Frequently Asked Questions

If you have not been able to find the answer that you where looking for please contact us on the below contact information so we can help you.

Office: +44 1624 717171

1. Can anyone open an account with Ramsey Crookall?

Yes, we have an international client base which includes private individuals, corporates, trusts, institutions, intermediaries, pension funds and charities. If you have any questions regarding opening an account, please call +44 1624 717171 or email We are happy to help you through the process.

2. What type of accounts do you offer?

We offer discretionary, advisory and execution-only investment services.

3. How do I open an account with Ramsey Crookall?

You can open an account at Ramsey Crookall by contacting one of our advisors on +44 1624 717171 Signed application forms together with a certified copy of your passport and recent utility bill will need to be returned, either to or by post. You will also be required to send the completed form to us in the post.

4. Do you offer help in opening an account and compliance matters?

Ramsey Crookall has a dedicated compliance team that follows the high standards you would expect of a well regulated jurisdiction. We offer a pragmatic and helpful approach, with rapid turnaround times for account opening if all your documentation is in place. For more information please email

5. Is there a minimum investment amount?

Our Monthly Investment Account is available from £100 per calendar month. For execution-only accounts you can invest £1,000 or less when buying UK shares. Our discretionary managed service starts with a minimum portfolio of £100,000.

6. Can I trade in European and US stocks?

Yes, Ramsey Crookall provides direct access to all major global exchanges, including in the UK, Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, South Africa and the emerging markets.

7. What types of asset classes can I invest in?

We can trade in a wide range of asset classes – from equities to ETFs, fixed income securities, unit trusts, offshore funds, on any designated global exchange, settling in all major currencies.

8. Is it straightforward to transfer my portfolio to Ramsey Crookall?

Yes, transferring your portfolio to Ramsey Crookall couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is email us at and request our Transfer of Current Broker Form then instruct your old provider and we will do the rest for you.

9. What are your charges?

For more information, please contact us by calling +44 1624 717171 or email

10. Can I receive income from my portfolio?

Yes, you can choose to receive your income either monthly or quarterly into your bank account. In the case of bonds and gilts, we will pay your interest on receipt.

11. Can I reinvest my dividends?

Where a company has a dividend election scheme, it may be possible to reinvest your dividends into additional shares if you wish.

12. Will I receive an annual tax report?

Yes. Shortly after the end of your tax year, you will receive a Consolidated Tax Voucher which will summarise and list all your dividend income and interest received over the course of the year.

13. How can I view my portfolio?

You can view and access your entire portfolio online and in real time. This includes multi-currency balances and a valuation of your holdings. Your investments can also be monitored 24/7, 365 days a year through our Ramsey Crookall mobile app.

14. How do I withdraw money from my account?

Please call us on +44 1624 717171 or email and we’ll be happy to carry out your instructions

15. How do I update my contact details?

Please call us on +44 1624 717171 or email and we’ll be happy to update your contact details.

16. How do I close my account?

We are sorry that you are thinking of leaving. We would, however, appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with you. Please feel free to call us on +44 1624 717171 You will also need to tell us what you want to do with any remaining cash or investments in your account.

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